Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Next Chapter

Wow, it has been over six months since I posted on here. I am sad that I didn’t make myself log on and write an entry because I really love blogging and the blogging community. Oh well, life got hectic and that is just how it goes sometimes.

So, what have I been up to? Well, the hubby and I both finished our undergraduate degrees in December. It felt so good to turn in my last final that I started tearing up. Some tears were out of sadness because I was closing a very exciting chapter in my life, others were from happiness and knowing that I wouldn’t have to stress over exams or homework anymore.

Since then we’ve been traveling and deciding what to do next. Yesterday we went for a walk through E.E. Wilson Wildlife Area and talked about everything that is coming up for us and the changes and challenges we’ll face together.

It didn’t take too long (considering the economy) for Matt to get a job. We found out in mid-February that he landed an archaeology position in Montana. This is a huge deal for me because I’ve always lived within a 30 mile radius. I look forward to our upcoming adventure and experiencing a different part of American culture. Right now the challenge is finding a place to live there. It must be pet friendly because I couldn’t stand to leave Miss Dax behind, and we need a month-to-month lease because….. 

Shortly after we found out about the job in Montana, we learned we’d be heading back home in September so Matt can attend Graduate School. We received lots of BIG news within a few weeks. My mind is still trying to take it all in. We’re very excited though and are incredibly THANKFUL for all these amazing opportunities. 

So, what about me and my plans? I think I’ll return to the blogging world and share that with you as I figure it all out. Whatever it may be, I’ll have my camera in tow and be tapping into my creativity.

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