Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pieces of Me - Day 2

Hello! What a gorgeous day it is! I'm sure enjoying these sunny August mornings :)

I am back for day two of Pieces of Me for Beyond Layers. Our words for today are "your breakfast" and "the mailbox."

I usually have a bowl of yogurt with an apple or banana for breakfast. But it is summer right now, which means BERRIES and other sweet, FRESH produce. All the yummy goodies I've picked up at the farmers market and u-pick farms have been going into light, healthy, flavorful smoothies that help me start of the day with lots of energy.

 Do you make smoothies? If not, give it a shot! It is almost impossible to mess up. My sister-in-law and I have discovered that just about all your fruits and veggies taste fabulous mixed up together in a blender. The one above is a blend of apples, blueberries, mango, and fresh OJ.

As for my mailbox... Well, today isn't "Go to the mailbox" day so instead you are getting a picture of a box that came in the mail. Close enough, right?

This box has the clips for our kayak/bike rack in it. My hubby was very excited to see this thing in the mail. He will probably use a knife though and spare his teeth ;)

Now I am going to give myself a break from the computer and rotate between drawing and chores.

Hope you all have a blissful day!


  1. Oh your smoothies look really tasty...I must make myself one very soon!!

  2. Breakfast looks yummy! and much healthier than mine ;) Love the sign on the box, very funny! I like buying from companies with a sense of humor!

  3. I loooove smoothies. I could probably eat them all day every day and be satisfied.